‘Only mart staff’ to be allowed in sales yard at Roscommon Mart

It has been announced that “only mart staff” will be allowed in the sales yard at Roscommon Mart from today (Friday, April 13) onwards.

The new health and safety procedures will be operational at the mart for all of its sales going forward.

A statement from the mart said: “In light of recent issues regarding health and safety – and for the safety of our customers and staff members – we are adopting the stance that ‘only mart staff’ will be allowed into our sales yard.

We are aware that these changes will inconvenience and cause concern for both buyers and sellers.

“If you have any problems or issues with these changes, please contact the manager or yard foreman.

“Customers are advised that stock purchased or unsold must be taken out of their holding pens by mart staff only. We ask you for your cooperation and patience as we implement these very important changes,” the statement added.

Similar measures

Meanwhile, it was revealed yesterday that Galway-based mart Headford Co-operative Mart would also implement new rules which would only allow mart staff into the yard.

In a statement released by the co-operative on its Facebook page, the mart said: “Health and safety issues are always a growing concern in all marts and it’s time to make a change.

“Going forward we will only allow certified drovers in our mart yard. We are aware that this will cause major concern for many farmers, customers, sellers and buyers.

This will take a bit of time to get used to and to get a good practice in place; however, we will co-operate with our customers if they are willing to co-operate with us.

“This Saturday may prove to be very busy due to the matter of loading, unloading and gathering multiple stock. We would advise you to give yourself plenty of time.

“We would ask customers to be patient as we try this out for the first time. We are advising you to come into the office if you cannot get the attention of our yard staff and we will contact a member of the yard for you ASAP.

“We do hope that this stand will be a very positive one for marts going forward. We are only making this change for the safety of our customers, staff and livestock for the future,” the statement said.