Teagasc estimates that cereal production in this country will be reduced by 690,000t in 2018, a 29% drop from 2017 and the lowest cereal harvest since 1985.

Winter wheat

Teagasc forecasts an average yield of 8.69t/ha (3.52t/ac) for winter wheat this season. The actual figure from the CSO (Central Statistics Office) last year was 10.2t/ha (4.13t/ac).

At a yield estimate of 8.69t/ha (3.52t/ac), the expected production of winter wheat for 2018 is 437,000t. This is 29% lower than 2017 and the drop is due to lower yields and a smaller area of the crops being planted.

Winter barley

A yield estimate of 8.82t/ha (3.57t/ac) has been calculated for winter barley crops this season. This is just under 0.3t/ha lower than 2017. Winter barley production is estimated at 592,000t – down 20% from last year.

Similar to wheat, the drop in the sown area was a big factor in the decrease in production, while lower yields added to the decline.

Spring barley

Spring barley production took a 30% drop despite a 7% increase in the area planted. A yield estimate of 5.46t/ha (2.21t/ac) caused this massive drop.

Poor and late sowing conditions, combined with the summer’s drought, resulted in a very disappointing performance from spring barley.

Oats and spring wheat

Winter and spring oats, as well as spring wheat, all took a yield drop. This, combined with a lower acreage, resulted in massive drops in production.

Winter oats production is estimated to have dropped by 43%; spring oats is back by 39% and spring wheat is down 60%.