Quinns of Baltinglass is offering oilseed rape contracts for 2019. The contract price is €380/t when delivered at 9% moisture content.

To avail of this price, all inputs must be bought from Quinns. Farmers who wish to take this contract must do so by August 31.

According to Quinns, average yields from this year’s winter crop came in at 1.7-2.2t/ac. Moisture contents went as low as 7%.

Teagasc’s cost and return figures have shown that when oilseed rape is priced at €380/t – at 9% moisture content – the break-even yield is 1.2t/ac. This does not include the value of rape straw where it is available for sale.

David Shortall of Quinns told AgriLand that there is no estimate available for the value of oilseed rape in the rotation. He added that rape straw is making €120/ac at present.

“The current demand for straw and alternative bedding sources isn’t going to wean in the short term, so oilseed rape straw will continue to have a strong economic value well into the future.

“The extra value from producing rape straw needs to be added to the bottom line of growing the crop,” David explained.

Growing a break crop – like oilseed rape – also allows for potential to grow a seed crop for multiplication the following year.


Quinns will have a Clearfield oilseed rape variety available this season – DK Impression.

Clearfield varieties are resistant to imazamox – a sulphonylurea. This active ingredient is contained in the herbicide Cleranda, a product of BASF. Where this product is used on Clearfield varieties, volunteer plants can be controlled.