Ó Cuív backs IFA stance on immoral behaviour of supermarkets

Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Agriculture, Éamon Ó Cuív TD, has congratulated the new President of the IFA on his election.

Deputy Ó Cuív commented: “I would like to congratulate Eddie Downey on his election as President of the IFA.

“This is an extremely important time for Irish agriculture and farmers throughout the country will need to be supported as they come to terms with the reductions in the new CAP budget.

“I also support the IFA’s statements on the disgraceful behaviour by large retailers in the country as they fight a price war over the selling price of vegetables.

“People should not be fooled when supermarkets give away food at below cost price, you can be sure they are making the money back through price hikes in other areas.

“Any idea or sense that these supermarkets are acting altruistically is misguided. Primary producers are being squeezed and farmers are progressively getting less and less for their product

“A higher percentage of profits are going to retailers and this is not sustainable. We need to immediately see the publication of the Statutory Code of Practice for the Retail Sector which has been promised by the Government. These guidelines should include an obligation for all multiples to disclose what profits they make in Ireland. We have all heard of some retailers describing Ireland as a cash cow and we need to see just how much they do make from Irish consumers.

“I also welcome Mr Downey’s statement on his desire to see the Government deliver on its promise to ensure 50:50 co-funding for the Rural Development Programme, which thousands of farming families will be depending on.”