The numbers of tractors being licensed for the first time has fallen to its lowest levels in three years, according to latest CSO figures.

In July, 185 new tractors were licensed – down from 198 in the corresponding month in 2014 and 246 in 2013.

To date in 2015, 1,358 in tractors were licensed, according to the CSO figurers. This compares to 1,551 licensed over the same period last year.

The CSO figures are represent a 12% fall in the number of tractors licensed for the first time in 2015 compared to 2014.


There has also been a substantial fall in the number of imported tractors this year, the CSO figures show.

Last month, some 130 used tractors were imported into the country. The figure represents a substantial 36% fall on the same month in 2014 and an even more significant 44% fall compared to July 2014.

Year to date some 1,010 tractors have been imported down 35% from the 1,567 imported over the first seven months in 2014.

Much of the fall in the level of imported tractors could be attributed to recent euro – Sterling currency developments. Since the beginning of the year the euro has weakened significantly against Sterling to its current level in the region of 70.5p.