Tractor-mad kids will want to watch out for ‘Not Without My Tractor!’ by Finn-Ole Heinrich and Dita Zipfel, which will be available from Thursday, June 6.

The 32-page paperback is about moving to the city from the country and transition in general. Beautifully illustrated by Halina Kirschner, it’s suitable for ages four and upwards.

The engaging ‘Not Without My Tractor’ contends that tractors can do just about anything. This includes: moving mountains; squashing traffic jams; doing the school run; acting as a guard dog; and digging swimming pools.

If you’re moving from the country to the city, a tractor is the perfect pal, according to the book. However, our hero’s parents just don’t see it the way we do.

Mysterious twist

Readers immerse themselves in the lively and funny argument between parent and child about whether their beloved tractor can go to the city. With every reason the adult gives, the child has a brilliantly imaginative riposte.

Playful, unconventional and with a mysterious twist, this is the perfect tale for children who are fascinated with tractors and farm machinery.

Siobhán Parkinson, the publisher at Little Island Books in Dublin, award-winning author of over 30 books who was chosen as Ireland’s first children’s laureate in 2010, translated ‘Not Without My Tractor!’ from German.

“It was the illustrations that first caught our eye – so bold and clear and very amusing.

Then, when I read the text I loved the idea of a child arguing with their parent about whether or not a tractor has any place in the city. This is one passionate and persistent kid who really loves that tractor.

Siobhán’s other translations include: ‘How to Bake a Sausage Dog’ by Kirsten Reinhardt and David Roberts; and ‘No Heroes’ by Anna Seidl and ‘The Wizardling’ by Binette Schroeder.

Finn-Ole Heinrich and Dita Zipfel are both award-winning authors for adults and children, with a plethora of plays, novels, short stories and picture books between them.

They have received critical acclaim throughout their careers. Heinrich has won the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis, German youth literature prize and the French-German literature prize, and Zipfel has been awarded the Hamburg prize for literature.

The book describes them as ‘expert tractor breeders’ who live in the north of Friesland and the south of France, with their favourite tractor, Rollbert, residing next door.

Halina Kirschner, an illustration and graphic design graduate, has designed an abundance of posters, books and programme books, and her work adds hugely to the captivating story.

Get caught up in this adventure that celebrates all the fun to be had in the great outdoors, an ideal bedtime read for tiny tractor enthusiasts.

‘Not Without My Tractor’, published by Little Island Books, will go on sale at €10.