Prices for lambs are continuing to come under pressure in Northern Ireland (NI), similar to what farmers are seeing in the Republic of Ireland (ROI).

According to the Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC), quotes from plants for lambs continued to come under pressure this week and ended up being back 30-55p/kg at 510-530p/kg.

Quotes for next week look to be coming back even more, with the LMC reporting 490-500p/kg offers.

As prices continue to decline, throughput on the other hand continues to increase. Lamb throughput in NI last week amounted to 9,752 head – an increase of 826 head on the previous week.

While a further 2,676 lambs were exported south for direct slaughter to plants in the ROI.

The LMC reported that during the last six weeks, the number of lambs heading south totalled 16,739 head – which was back 42% from the 28,954 exported during the same time period in 2020.

The deadweight price for lambs last week in NI stood at 567.1p/kg – back 9.7p/kg from the week previous.

Prices for lambs ease at marts too

Numbers of sheep coming through marts in the North continues to hold strong, although prices are coming under pressure.

The LMC said that in Kilrea on Monday (June 21), 500 lambs sold from 514-538p/kg, compared to 400 lambs last week selling from 544-581p/kg.

While on Tuesday (June 22), in Rathfriland, 613 lambs sold from 463-500p/kg (average 475p/kg) compared to 617 lambs last week selling from 510-570p/kg (average 538p/kg).

Top reported prices for well-fleshed cull ewes ranged from £124-184/head, the LMC added.