Following the uplift in prices seen last week (week ending August 8), AHDB said the lamb trade at UK auction markets has fallen back as higher numbers come through.

The organisation for the English beef and sheep industry (AHDB) said that in the week ending August 12, the UK SQQ fell by 7p to 150.9p/kg, following higher numbers coming to markets.

This left prices over 15p below the level seen in 2014, it said.

However, according to AHDB, prices remain above levels seen two weeks previously, which was the last week unaffected by the No Lamb Week campaign.

Prices have fallen back below 150p/kg in recent days, with the SQQ on Wednesday, August 12 down to 147.4p/kg, 13p down on the week, it said.

Throughputs at UK markets increased by 18% on the week as the higher prices last week led to more producers marketing their animals, while those that held their lambs back last week because of the No Lamb Week campaign started bringing them to markets, it said.

This meant that throughputs were up 2% on 2014 levels and almost 19% of throughputs were outside of the SQQ weight bands, which AHDB said suggests more producers have continued to hold on to lambs in search of higher prices.

There was some uplift in the deadweight trade following the increase seen in the live weight trade last week, it said.

In the week ending August 8, the DW SQQ was up by 11p at 339.1p/kg, it said.

This period included the whole of the No Lamb Week campaign which could potentially explain these increases while AHDB said prices were still 44p lower than the same period in 2014.