New soil fertility series to kick off next week

A new Soil Fertility Series will kick off on AgriLand next week, in association with Grassland Agro.

Across the series there will be four farm visits, each with different challenges, systems and soil types. The focus will be on overcoming these challenges and addressing the issues on farm in a sustainable manner.

Sustainability covers economics, the environment and social responsibilities, so the emphasis will be on turning a profit, while also looking after the environment and minding our water quality.

This new series will provide technical expertise, while relating this information to a real farm situation.

For example, in the first part of the series we visit Denis Bushe from Co. Wicklow, who has 100 spring-calving cows which were out grazing in early February.

The focus in this installment is on spring phosphorus (P) application which is key to improving nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) and allowing the farmer to make the most from their spring grass and aid sward recovery.

With the help of his Grassland Agro agronomist, William Keane, Denis is making good use of spring grass, early turnout and good sward recovery, all of which contribute to improved profits on his farm. To learn about developing an individual fertiliser plan on your farm click here

Individual fertiliser plans

Grassland Agro’s unique approach is to provide individual fertiliser plans to individual farms. The company’s team of agronomists work with farmers across the country on a daily basis to ensure they are getting the most from their soil and their grass.

The series will also focus on the importance of sulphur (S) in increasing silage quality, N management and the role of potassium (K) in grassland systems.

Speaking to John O’Loughlin of Grassland Agro, he explained the importance of providing advice based on soil samples.

“We’re encouraging the accurate and targeted use of fertiliser. We have a team of agronomists that give farmers advice on how to maximise their soils and produce high-quality grass in a sustainable manner,” John commented.