New rotary parlours launched by Dairymaster at ‘Ploughing 18’

From its base in Co. Kerry, Dairymaster – which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year – has grown to become a powerhouse when it comes to the manufacture and development of milking technologies.

Today, the first day of the National Ploughing Championships in Co. Offaly, it continued this tradition with the launch of six options to its ‘high-performance’ Swiftflo Revolver rotary milking parlours.

These options were developed, the company claims, to ensure that there is a Swiftflo Revolver parlour available “to suit every farm and every pocket” – making rotary milking accessible to every farmer.

Firstly, the Swiftflo Performance is the entry level range – with little automation. It’s aimed at the farmer who wants to get the right-size rotary, while allowing them to add automation features when their budget allows and dependent on what is right for their farm.

Next up is the Swiftflo Optimum, which is the mid-range option and it contains some of the smart automation features that Dairymaster is renowned for including: Swiftflo Pulse; retention; milk diversion; and much more.

For those looking for a fully-automated solution, the Swiftflo Endurance is suitable for industrial use. It is aimed at large-scale farms. This system has the most advanced technologies, including: the Swiftflo Commander; Auto ID; Milk Manager; Voice Assist; and much more.

Each range has a plus option, with an extra level of automation and additional features. Included in all the range is the recent development – Rotaglide – which is like the suspension system in a car. It is claimed to reduce maintenance, improve cow comfort, while also helping the rotary parlour last much longer.

For those wishing to find out more about the innovations, Dairymaster is located at Stand 239; Row 11; Block 2 at this week’s National Ploughing Championships.