Following the introduction of the latest Tier 4i compliant Lexion and Tucano combine ranges last autumn, Claas has extended the range with the addition of two new entry-level models – the hybrid Lexion 740 and the 5- straw-walker Tucano 420.

At the same time Claas has also added a new Terra Trac version of the Lexion 750 to the range, in addition to a number of new developments designed to further facilitate ease of use and enhance the driver assistance systems fitted to the Lexion combine range.

Finally a new version of the Avero 240 will be available that meets the higher Tier 4f emission standards.

New Lexion 740

The addition of the new Lexion 740 extends the availability of all the high performance features of the Lexion Hybrid range in a new entry level model.

Currently the smallest model in the Hybrid Lexion 700 range is the Lexion 750, which is powered by a 449hp engine. The new Lexion 740 features the same Tier 4i compliant 6-cylinder C9.3 engine developing a maximum power output of 400hp at 1700rpm. As with the larger Lexion 750, the new 740 has a 1420mm wide APS accelerator and closed threshing drum, feeding into the twin 4.2m long Roto Plus secondary separation system with Jet Stream cleaning and is suitable for use with cutterbars up to 9.0 metres wide.

As standard, the Lexion 740 features a 10,000 litre grain tank and is controlled using the latest C Motion multi-function joystick, with all the main operating settings monitored using the colour CEBIS II terminal. As with the rest of the Lexion 700 Hybrid range, a wide range of options are available, including the advanced Cemos and Cemos Automatic combine performance optimisation system, which fully automates grain cleaning and separation.

Cemos Automatic monitors over 50 different settings and can be used to continuously monitor and automatically adjust the combine threshing and separation settings for optimum grain quality and output.

New developments for 2014

A new development for 2014 is the option of a new Grain Quality Camera for the LEXION 780 and 770. Using a high-definition colour camera mounted in the top of the grain elevator, the images are processed using image evaluation software to highlight broken or non-grain constituents, which are then displayed either as a real-time image or bar diagram on the CEBIS screen.

On combines fitted with Cemos Automatic, this information is also used to extend functionality and provide additional information to further enhance Cemos Automatic and enable the system to automatically monitor grain quality and further reduce losses.

A further new development available on all Lexion models fitted with a radial spreader is an Automatic Discharge Adjustment option. Sensors mounted on the rear light brackets are used to automatically monitor changes in the direction and strength of any crosswind, or variations in slope angle and then uses this information to automatically adjust the throw of the spreader. This ensures that an even distribution of straw is always maintained across the full cutting width and is one less thing for the operator to have to monitor and adjust.

Wider track availability

Claas lead the way in the development and use of track systems for combines and in the Lexion 760 are the only manufacturer to be able to offer a combine with a 40kph roadspeed.

For 2014, Claas will extend availability with the introduction of a new Terra Trac version of the Lexion 750. This brings to four the number of Lexion 700 Hybrid models for which Terra Tracs are available, plus there is also a Terra Trac version of the Lexion 670 straw-walker combine.

This new entry level model uses the latest third generation Terra Trac units. These feature independent hydro-pneumatic suspension on the drive wheel which automatically adjust to ground contours. The support rollers are fitted with nitrogen dampers to further reduce shock loading, so that the track unit provides greater stability, with improved ride and cornering, so enabling it to be used at road speeds of 30kph on the Lexion 780, 770, 760, 750 and 670, with the option of 40kph on the narrow-body Lexion 760.

A further new option on all Lexion 700 Terra Trac models is an automatic tyre pressure control system for the rear axle. This enables the operator via Cebis to set and alter the rear tyre pressure and to programme in differing pressures for in the field or for road work.

The tyre pressure level is set using Cebis and manually activated using a switch in the cab roof. However as soon as the road speed is engaged, the rear tyres are automatically inflated to the pre-set road pressure setting. The ability to reduce the rear tyre pressure will therefore help enhance the low ground pressure benefits of the Terra Tracs.

Other new features for the 2014 Lexion 700 and 600 range models include a rear view camera that is integrated into the rear hood with the image displayed in CEBIS, which can be accessed using the direct access button or is engaged automatically when reversing.

For greater adjustment and improved cutterbar ground following, a new hydraulic top-link is now available for the feeder housing, with the angle displayed in CEBIS. Previously only available on Lexion 700 models, the option of a central lubrication system has been extended to all Lexion 600 models, except Montana versions.

Lexion 600 models also benefit from a new four-wheel-drive axle, which incorporates two hydraulic motors fitted centrally in the rear axle. This not only provides improved power transmission and grip, along with reduced fuel consumption, but will also allow a wider range of tyre sizes to be fitted.

New entry level Tucano 400

Joining the Tucano line-up for 2014 will be a new entry level model – the new Tucano 420. In common with larger Tucano 400 models, the new five-straw walker Tucano 420 is fitted with the 1320mm wide APS primary threshing system. Designed to remove a greater proportion of easily threshed grains, this helps boost outputs by up to 20% compared to conventional single drum machines, leaving the straw walkers to remove the remaining harder to thresh grain.


The Tucano 420 features a 7500 litre capacity grain tank and the high specification Vista II cab with multi-function control lever and colour Cebis control terminal. The Tucano 420 is powered by a Tier 4i 238hp Mercedes engine that uses SCR technology. As with all Tucano models, the new 420 can be used with the full range of Claas cutterbars, including Vario, up to 6.0 metres, with the option of Auto-Contour, Telematics, yield mapping, Laser Pilot or other GPS steering systems.

Tier 4f for Avero 240

For 2014, the Avero 240 will be the first Claas combine to meet the advanced Tier 4f exhaust emission standards, using SCR and EGR with DPF filtration. To achieve this, the Avero 240 has been fitted with a Perkins 1206F engine that develops 205hp at a rated engine speed of 2200rpm, but is more economical than the current 198hp version. As part of the design changes, the Avero 240 is now fitted with a rotating radiator screen to provide increased cooling capacity, allied to automatic dust extraction.

As a result of these changes, the space above the four straw walkers has been increased, allowing the ISS (intensive Separation System) fingers to be raised by 75mm. This allows for a more uniform loading of the straw walkers and for long straw to be more easily handled, so providing increased separation performance.

As an option, the Claas Profi Cam is also now available for the Avero. In all, up to four cameras can be fitted to the combine, which are viewed using a colour monitor.

Main picture, the Lexion 740
Pictured below the Tucano 420

Tucano 420