Michelin is to introduce a new ‘stubble deflecting’ tyre for high horsepower tractors, sprayers and crop treatment units in Ireland and the UK.

The tyre is designed for use on machinery for managing crops that are grown in rows, such as potatoes, carrots and maize, the company says.

Previously, the tyre has only been available on the North American market, the Yieldbib tyre is a narrower version of those normally fitted on tractors with 250hp, it says.

Michelin says the tyre comes with stubble deflecting lugs and an anti-stubble belt in the tread area that is designed to extend its life by preventing piercing, chipping and gouging from stubble.

There is better traction with the tyre due to the 45 degree lug angle and there is also less slippage in all weather conditions, it says.

This in turn helps to improve fuel economy whilst making full use of the machine’s power, Michelin says.

Benefiting from Michelin’s Ultraflex Technology, they can carry the same load with up to 40% reduced pressure whilst limiting soil compaction by spreading the tractor’s weight over a larger footprint, it says.

Mike Lawton, Commercial Director of Michelin’s agricultural tyre division said farmers are under increasing pressure to be as efficient as possible so it’s important that the correct tyres are chosen for their intended application.

“The new Yieldbib line extends our range of narrow tyres and ensures that row crop farmers receive the best total performance and soil protection possible,” he said.

Earlier this year, Michelin launched a new telehandler tyre which is suitable for farmers to use.

The 500/70 R24, a new size that is popular on telehandlers, is designed for working on dry, wet or greasy hard surfaces, it says.

The tyre has an enhanced side-wall protection and a wheel rim stone guard preventing damage to the edges of the rims when working on difficult terrain, Michelin says.

The company says that the new tread and shoulder blocks on the tyre improve resistance to wear-and-tear by providing increased rigidity to the tread in the event of lateral forces being applied.