Building a shed under TAMS II? Here’s how much to pay yourself

The Department of Agriculture this week has released its document of reference costs for construction undertaken under the recently announced TAMS II schemes.

Among the costs outlined in document is the value of farmers own labour during construction. It shows that direct constructional work by applicant, or applicant’s family member is should be valued at €12.40/hr.

The Departments costings on TAMS II also provides rates for farmers use of their own machinery.

The Department says it is expected that rates per hour for own machinery use claims will not exceed those given below.

Labour is not included in the rates for machinery under TAMS II and should be claimed under own labour as appropriate, the Department says.

Description of item (Rate includes fuel where appropriate)
  • Tractor per hour €18.90
  • Flat bed trailer per hour €4.10
  • Dump trailer per hour €4.50
  • Dumpers (self-propelled): per hour €9.90
  • Digger (Wheeled machine with front loader and back hoe) per hour €19.20
  • Track Excavators:
  • Mini diggers per hour €10.80
  • Large excavators per hour €23.80
  • Rock Breaker attachment for excavators per hour €8.10
  • Bobcat per hour €10.50
  • Self propelled rollers:
  • Small (Approx 3 tonne) per hour €7.90
  • Large per hour €17.50
  • Teleporters per hour €12.80
  • Cherry picker per hour €12.20
  • ATV per hour €7.50
  • Post Driver per hour €5.00
  • Post hole borer:
  • Manual per hour €2.80
  • Machine mounted per hour €4.80
  • Cement mixer (1 bag mixer) per hour €1.20
  • Power Float (36″) per hour €5.50
  • Power Screed per hour €5.30
  • Petrol Poker for concrete per hour €3.80
  • Mobile generator (10kVA) per hour €15.30
  • Welder per hour €2.30
  • Angle grinder per hour €1.70
  • Water pump per hour €2.20

Note: Where two machines are used together (e.g. tractor and post driver) then the cost per hour is the combined total per hour to the two machines (€18.90 + €5.00 = €23.90 per hour).

For more information on the scheme visit our dedicated TAMS II section