Ireland continues to retain its fourth place position on the EU deadweight cattle price league table, the latest Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) figures show.

For the week ending June 7, the average R3 beef heifer price in the Republic was 423.1c/kg, up 2.9c/kg from the 420.2c/kg paid in the week ending May 10.

This latest price was also 27.1c/kg above the EU average price and 13.9c/kg lower than the equivalent price in the North.

In the North the average R3 heifer price for the same week ending was the equivalent of 437.0c/kg, down 18.2c/kg from 455.3c/kg in the week ending May 10.

The North also continues to hold its second place on the EU cattle price league table.

In the EU the average R3 heifer price for the week ending June 7 was 396.0c/kg, up 0.3c/kg from
395.7c/kg in the week ending May 10.

The North’s R3 heifer price was 41.0c/kg higher than the EU average in the week ending June 7 compared to 59.6c/kg in the week ending May 10, it says.

Looking to the UK, which holds the top spot on the league table, the average R3 heifer price for the week ending June 7 was the equivalent of 458.1c/kg, the LMC says.

This is an increase of 3.1c/kg from the week ending May 10 and this increase resulted in the UK/EU price differential widening from 59.3 c/kg in the week ending May 10 to 62.1c/kg in the week ending June 7.

The euro was down at €1= 72.76p in the week ending June 7, it says.

Image: LMC

Image: LMC