Revamped ‘mid-range’ tractors from New Holland

New Holland has “renewed” its mid-range tractors, with the recent launch of the T5 (Tier 4B) Series.

Some of its smaller tractors have also been the subject of an upgrade; the T4 Powerstar has now morphed into the T4.

The latest T5 Series comprises five models, ranging from the T5.75 up to the T5.115. In the case of the bigger units, gross vehicle weight has increased to 6.5t.

Sean Lennon, Head of Tractor and Precision Land Management Products, said: “We have completed the process for the renewal and rationalisation of our medium range. The new series offers a complete package at a very competitive price.”

The T5 Series is available with a choice of transmissions. The entry-level 12×12 Synchro Shuttle is the basic (levers only!) offering, while the 12×12 (hydraulic) Powershuttle offers clutch-less, fingertip direction changes. The Split Command transmission is next in the line-up. Finally, the 24×24 Dual Command version comes with a ‘hi-lo’ splitter (under-load powershift). Top road speed, in all cases, is 40kph.

Specialist users, like vegetable farmers, might opt for creeper versions, which extend up to a 40×40 Dual Command box. Creeper speeds as low as 0.25kph are designed to accommodate jobs such as ‘hand planting’.

The tractors are available with either two or four-wheel drive, and can be specified with New Holland’s long-serving SuperSteer axle – which delivers a genuinely impressive turning angle of 76º.

The T5 is factory-ready for New Holland’s own 500TL and new 700TL front loaders. The 700TL’s 1,100mm-wide frame is claimed to improve front visibility.


The standard hydraulic system delivers 48L/min, with a dedicated 28L/min services pump. The MegaFlow option cranks this up to 64L/min from the main pump and 36L/min from the services unit. Two rear remote (spool) valves and two mid-mounted valves come as standard; the number of couplings can be increased to eight with an optional diverter.

Rear lift capacity is 4.4t, while the 3-speed PTO can be equipped with ECO and ground-drive speeds.

Under the bonnet, the new range features 3.4L common-rail FPT engines. Power outputs, depending on model, are from 75hp to 114hp – and up to 457Nm of torque. A torque back-up figure of 35% is claimed.

With a power-to-weight ratio of 31.6kg/hp, New Holland says that users should get plenty of work done before running the 160L fuel tank dry. It says that 600-hour service intervals should help to keep the tractor moving for longer.

Moving to the cab, New Holland says that visibility has been improved, thanks to a new single wiper blade with 200° movement and extra wide-angle mirrors.

Power outputs for each of the models are as follows:
  • T5.75: 75hp (4-cylinder)
  • T5.85: 86hp (4-cylinder)
  • T5.95: 99hp (4-cylinder)
  • T5.105: 107hp (4-cylinder)
  • T5.115: 114hp (4-cylinder)