A powerful new grassland weedkiller has been introduced in Ireland for 2021.  The product is available as two brands – GrassCare Pro and Santro.  

For many years, individual weedkillers have controlled only a narrow range of weeds, leaving farmers with difficult choices regarding which product would be suitable for their situation.

DHM Agrochemicals have now, in 2021, launched a new, powerful weedkiller that effectively tackles a broad range of weeds at once.

This includes: Dock; Thistle; Buttercup; Daisy and Dandelion; and Plantain, among others.

Denis Madigan, managing director at DHM Agrochemicals, said “The ingredients in these products have been proven to provide effective control of dock, buttercup, thistle, dandelion and other weeds over many years.

“Now, these weedkiller formulations are available at much better value to farmers.”

Ireland distributor DHM have been introducing effective and good value weed control solutions to the Irish market for the past 25 years.

These products are supplied by Sharda Cropchem, a leading global provider of agrochemicals.

Understanding the ingredients

GrassCare Pro and Santro contain three powerful and effective proven weed control ingredients:

  1. Fluroxypyr (100g/L) is a highly effective herbicide for the control of docks and chickweed. This ingredient is contained in some of the leading brands of grassland herbicides. Following application, fluroxypyr moves to the weed root systems thus allowing for effective root kill;
  2. Florasulam (2.5g/L) is effective against a broad range of grassland weeds. The inclusion of this ingredient in GrassCare Pro and Santro ensures a much wider level of weed control in pastures;
  3. Clopyralid (80g/L) adds a powerful additional ingredient, particularly for thistle control in grassland.

This combination of ingredients provides a wide spectrum and the best value of weed control products available for Irish pastures.

weedkiller GrassCare Pro and Santro

GrassCare Pro and Santro are available in convenient 5L packs sufficient to cover between 2.5 and 5ha.

Mid-season weed control

This time of year, it is important to give weeds sufficient time to recover after grazing or cutting before spraying. Allow grazed pastures at least two weeks and cut pastures at least three weeks to recover before spraying for weeds.

Reseeded pastures

GrassCare Pro and Santro are gentle on grass and so are ideal for use on newly reseeded pastures. The application rate is 1L/ha, best applied when weeds are small and actively growing.

Applications rates:

  • Reseeded pastures: 1L/ha;
  • Established pastures: 2L/ha.

GrassCare Pro and Santro come competitively priced and are available now in your local AgriStore.


UpRoot, which contains two effective weed control chemicals – Triclopyr and 2,4-D Ester – is the weedkiller of choice for tougher weed challenges.

Triclopyr is a highly effective weedkiller against nettle; bramble; scrub; dock; and woody weeds. The chemical moves rapidly to the root zone thus ensuring good kill of weeds.

2,4-d Ester is a fast acting form of the popular 2,4-D chemical for control of ragwort, thistle, dandelion and buttercup.

weedkiller UpRoot

The two ingredients combine to ensure a broadspectrum control of even the most challenging weed situations. Application of UpRoot is 4.6L in 300L/ha of water.

Uproot comes in convenient 5L packs and is now available at your local agri store.

For further information, call Denis on 0872551272.