New Dutch ‘systems tractor’ has all the kit; will it sell?

Specialist Dutch manufacturer Herder recently unveiled its new concept ‘systems tractor’.

We previously brought you a ‘concept image’, prior to the machine’s unveiling.

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A real-life version (see main/featured picture) has since emerged. This video (below) depicts its official unveiling.

The machine is probably best described as a vehicular platform, which serves as a base-unit for an hydraulic arm (or even several arms).

At the end of this arm, you can mount one of the company’s numerous products – such as a flail head for trimming hedges, a drainage pump or even a stump grinder.

In other words, it will most likely be configured as a self-propelled hedge-cutter.

The machine is known as the Herder One. Key features include a rotating cab, literally giving the operator all-round visibility.

This gallery (below) shows the machine in action in Holland.

It’s home to a 224hp engine. The machine is 4.8m long, 2.55m wide and, in standard guise, is shod on 600/70 R30 tyres. Not only is it 4WD, it also comes with four-wheel steering.

Who Or What Is Herder?

Herder was founded in 1947; it has since grown to become, what it describes as, a “worldwide market leader in the area of ditch, verge, tree and bank maintenance”.

The company is based at Herculesweg in Middelburg (south-western region of Holland). Its 10,000m² factory is home to all manner of machine tools. The facility is also equipped with an in-house painting line.

About 95 employees work there; nowadays its products are exported to over 30 countries.

The product range includes hedge and verge trimming equipment, along with ditch cleaning and trenching machinery.