The Irish Limousin Cattle Society (ILCS) has announced the appointment of Ronan Murphy as its new chief executive officer (CEO).

The role of CEO is a new position created within the society which was opened up for contention following the stepping down of Paul Sykes who held the role of secretary within the society.

Coming from a experienced background in the world of business and having a masters degree in animal science from University College Dublin (UCD), Murphy has previously been the CEO of Horse Sport Ireland.

He also previously held the position of CEO of Weatherbys Ireland where he served on the board of four of Weatherbys’ companies with direct responsibility for Weatherbys Thoroughbred stud book business in Ireland and the UK.

Prior to his role with Weatherbys, he was also employed by Hermitage Genetics, which is a Kilkenny-based company that specialises in pig performance genetics. During this time he oversaw developments in genetic technologies and their influence on improving pig production at farm level.

‘The role of a cattle breed society is changing’

In a statement released by the ILCS on Tuesday (March 16), the society president, Trevor Masterson stated:

“Ronan brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the role having successfully developed animal breeding businesses in both the porcine and equine industries.

The role of a cattle breed society is changing, the whole ecosystem we exist in is transforming. The societies that adapt to the changing needs will be the ones to grow and flourish.

“Our breed society has become a big business and must be ran as a business.

“We need to be proactive and deliver services to our breeders and our main customer groups – the suckler and dairy farmers who purchase our bulls and heifers.”

He added: “Like many businesses we must think global not local. While our breed, like all breeds, faces challenges, there are also massive opportunities.

“Technology is impacting all sectors and as a society we must embrace and leverage these opportunities. The Limousin Council and I are looking forward to working with Ronan,” Masterson concluded.

The society has stated that Ronan Murphy will begin his duties in mid-April.