New candidate emerges for Macra Leinster elections

A new candidate has emerged for the position of Leinster vice president in the upcoming Macra na Feirme elections, expected later this year.

Gerard Mahon, from Killoughey Macra na Feirme, Co. Offaly, has formally announced his intention to run for the role.

Mahon made the announcement tonight at the annual general meeting of the Queen of the Land Festival, of which he has served as chairman for the last six years, concluding his term tonight.

Announcing his candidacy, Mahon said: “Macra is an organisation that I have been involved in for the last 12 years and it continues to be an organisation which fosters and develops the lives of our youth.

“It provides an outlet to socialise and develop new friendships.

Hailing the rural youth organisation’s attributes of development and camaraderie, he said: “Those traits make this organisation unparalleled in their importance to youth across the country.”

Back in November, Mahon declared that the past year would be his last in his role as chairman of the Queen of the Land Festival committee, adding at the time that he wasn’t ruling out other positions in Macra in the future.

Leinster election

Two other prominent members of Macra na Feirme have already declared their intentions to contest the election for the Leinster vice presidency.

Veronica Wheatley – the current Laois county chairperson – announced her candidacy at a Young Farmer Discussion Group (YFDG) event held by Laois Macra na Feirme back in November.

Eamon Briscoe of Terminfeckin Macra, Co. Louth, swiftly followed suit declaring his intentions for the position of Leinster vice president.