Netwatch wins Irish Dairy Board contract

Netwatch has secured a multi-site, multi-country contract from the Irish Dairy Board (IDB) to provide protection services at six of its major manufacturing facilities in the UK and the US.

The contract will see Netwatch protecting the physical infrastructure of the facilities as well as monitoring production processes within the Irish Dairy Board plants.

Netwatch, which is headquartered in Carlow will remotely monitor the six manufacturing facilities of the IDB through its specialist CRATOS signal processing technologies. The plants are critical to the company’s production supply chain and Netwatch has deployed technologies within the plants to ensure production is maintained at optimum levels. Netwatch intervention specialists will monitor process alarms including temperature, heating and ventilation, cold storage as well as fire alarms.

In addition, the plants are being fitted with the latest detection technologies developed by the Netwatch Visual Labs design team to secure the site perimeter and ensure the site is not breached by intruder’s intent on compromising the intrinsic security of the manufacturing plants.

Netwatch has operations in Ireland, the UK, Mainland Europe, the US, the Middle East and Africa. “Having a security partner with a global reach and the capacity to carry out the project from design, through to installation and ongoing monitoring was a key factor in selecting Netwatch. Demonstration of a deep understanding of the processes we employ at our various manufacturing facilities was also a critical requirement.” said Kevin Lane, CEO Irish Dairy Board.

David Walsh, CEO and co-founder, Netwatch said: “The Irish Dairy Board manufactures iconic brands including Kerrygold which is famous the world-over. It is vital to the company’s business that the integrity of production is maintained and the physical assets of the facilities are also protected. Netwatch’s specialist CRATOS signal processing technologies allow for these manufacturing facilities to be monitored 24/7 on behalf of the Irish Dairy Board”.