Nearly 4 of every 5 new tractors in the UK come from just 3 giants

As we previously reported, 12,102 new agricultural tractors were registered in the UK during 2018. That’s according to data from the UK-based AEA (Agricultural Engineers Association).

We can now reveal which tractor manufacturer topped the sales league in the UK in 2017.

Why, you might ask, are we revealing the brand-by-brand figures for 2017 (rather than 2018)? Official bodies are not permitted to release such data due to EU competition regulations until a full 12 months have elapsed.

The data shows that John Deere was in poll position, with 3,915 units (28.4%).

Next up was New Holland, with 2,180 units (15.8%), followed in third place by Massey Ferguson with 1,973 units (14.3%).

This table (below) shows this and more information in greater detail.

Source: AEA

Interestingly, when looking at the brands’ parent companies (rather than just the individual brands themselves), we see that AGCO (Massey Ferguson, Fendt, Valtra and Challenger) was in second position behind John Deere.

CNH (New Holland and Case IH) came in third.

John Deere, AGCO and CNH combined accounted for 77.9% of overall registrations. In other words, nearly four out of every five new tractors came from one of these three entities.

It’s worth noting that the total number of new registrations in this table (13,768) is higher than the aforementioned figure of 12,102. That’s because the table includes data relating to tractors that are under 50hp.

Republic of Ireland

Earlier this month (January 10), we revealed how individual brands fared in the new tractor market in the Republic of Ireland (during 2017).

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A total of 1,796 new tractors were registered (in the Republic of Ireland) during 2017.

Massey Ferguson was the top-selling brand (400 units or 22.3%). Next up was John Deere (373 units or 20.8%). In third position was New Holland (330 units or 18.4%).

There was quite a gap between the top three and the remainder. In fourth place was Case IH (151 units or 8.4%), followed by Claas (110 units or 6.1%).