MSD officially launches new intranasal vaccine to the market

Yesterday, MSD Animal Health’s new intranasal vaccine, Bovilis INtranasal RSP, was officially launched to the market and is now available to farmers for purchase.

Bovilis INtranasal RSP Live is licensed for the active immunisation of calves from one week-of-age to reduce the clinical signs of respiratory disease and viral shedding from infection with bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV) and parainfluenza-3 (PI3).

This new intranasal vaccine offers farmers the earliest administration available on the market – which is one week-of-age.

As a once-off intranasal application, it will provide protective immunity in five days against RSV and seven days against PI3; meaning it provides the fastest protection against RSV virus in comparison to competitor vaccines. The duration of immunity is 12 weeks.

Speaking at the vaccine launch to farmers at the National Ploughing Championships, William Minchin, ruminant business unit director at MSD Animal Health, said:

“This new vaccine, Bovilis INtranasal RSP Live, complements our existing portfolio of products; Bovipast RSP and Bovilis IBR Marker Live.

“It also reaffirms MSD Animal Health’s commitment to preventative practices in the ruminant space.

Bovilis INtranasal RSP Live is very simple to administer and can be given to dairy and beef calves from just one week-of-age and it works within seven days.

Over the three-day ploughing event visitors had the opportunity to meet with the MSD Animal Health team of experts and ask questions about the new vaccine, Bovilis INtranasal RSP Live.

Of interest to and welcomed by farmers is that Bovilis INtranasal RSP Live will be used to combat bovine respiratory disease (BRD) from the earliest possible age, with the fastest onset of immunity.

This vaccine is now available to farmers through their vet and sits alongside Bovipast RSP and Bovilis IBR Marker Live to broaden the MSD Animal Health BRD solutions portfolio.

For more information, please contact your local vet.