Tillage farmers who are constantly being told ‘there’s money in cows’ or ‘you may sow grass’ might be glad to hear that Oatly! is quickly becoming a new phenomenon.

It’s so popular, in fact, there are ongoing shortages.

So it’s a case of move over cows; Oatly! is the new dairy-substitute on the block.

The company behind the Oatly! brand is Swedish. The product was first supplied to 11 coffee shops in the US – back in September 2016.


The dairy-substitute, made from oats, is now used in over 1,000 coffee shops in the US, but there have been shortages. Some of these shops, for example, have sold out completely.

As a result, Oatly! says that it is now increasing output of its sugar-free product – by 50% this summer.

The product is also known for making better ‘latte art’. It would appear that consumers are willing to pay a premium for it.

Plant-based substitutes increasing

Plant-based dairy substitutes are becoming more and more popular. According to Bloomberg, traditional milk sales in the US will drop by 1.2% this year. On the other hand, sales of oat and almond-based substitutes are expected to increase by 3%.

Who knows; in a few years tillage farmers might be telling their dairy counterparts to ‘plough up that grass’. Wouldn’t that be funny!