The national forecaster has today, Wednesday, May 29, issued a blight warning to all potato farmers in Ireland.

According to Met Éireann, weather conditions that are “conducive to the spread of potato blight” will occur from today, Wednesday, May 29, to Saturday, June 1.

It also outlined in its most recent update that there will be “some limited opportunities for spraying crops”.

Soil moisture deficits are currently running between 30mm and 50mm, with some restriction to growth.

Over the week, parts of the north and west will see the ground become saturated, as a result of rainfall.

Meanwhile, rainfall amounts are expected to be “well above average” in the north and west of the country with up to four or five times the average rainfall expected here.

In contrast, the national forecaster predicted the southeast is expected to see well below average rainfall with only 8mm to 13mm of rainfall expected in the coming week. This equates to around 60% of the average.

Soil temperatures

Soil temperatures have ranged between 14° and 17° this past week, which equates to temperatures above normal, by 1.6° to 3.5°.

Temperatures for the week ahead are expected to be between 1° and 2° above normal in parts of the east, south-east and south of the country but elsewhere, temperatures around average.