Inaugural ‘CAP post-2020 meeting’ commences today

The inaugural meeting of the new CAP post-2020 Consultative Committee has commenced today, Wednesday, May 29.

The meeting is being chaired by the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed.

A statement from the Minister’s department, issued today at the inaugural meeting, outlined that the committee aims to provide a forum to allow stakeholders to express their views and remain updated as the CAP reform discussions progress.

In addressing the committee, Minister Creed said: “I see the committee as having an important role as we consider how we will deal with the challenges ahead.”

He added the committee will have a key role in leading the development of “one of the most efficient and sustainable agri-food sectors in the world”.

Citing the European Commission’s proposal that at least 40% of the overall CAP budget post-2020 must contribute to climate action, Minister Creed outlined Ireland’s support for the increased environmental ambition proposed for the CAP post-2020.

However, he also stressed the need for adequate budgetary provision to ensure CAP objectives can be achieved.

Continuing, he said: “Under the commission’s proposals, each member state’s CAP Strategic Plan for the period post-2020 must include information on the outcome of the consultation with stakeholders as well as how that consultation was conducted.”

Concluding, Minister Creed said: “My department will undertake further public consultation at a later stage in the CAP reform process, in order to ensure that the development of Ireland’s Strategic Plan helps to address the many challenges facing the agri-food sector.”