Meat processor ordered to withdraw products from sale

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) issued an enforcement order to a meat firm based in Limerick – ordering the withdrawal of food from sale and distribution during the month of August.

A total of two orders were issued by the authority around the country last month, comprising one closure order and one prohibition order.

Bailey Foods – a small meat manufacturing plant based in Slaughterhouse Lane, William Street, Limerick – was issued with a prohibition order, served under the FSAI Act 1998.

The order was issued on Wednesday (August 26) by an FSAI officer, which directed the firm to ensure that all minced meat produced at the premises, and all meat preparations (burgers) produced at the premises, be withdrawn from sale.

The firm was directed to ensure that the minced meat and burgers were:
  • Not used for human consumption;
  • Recalled from sale or distribution; and
  • Detained pending destruction and disposal under the supervision of an authorised FSAI officer or officer from Limerick City and County Council.

According to the FSAI, the prohibition order was made because the products “have been made at an establishment which has not been approved for the production of minced meat or meat preparations; the production of minced meat and meat preparations has therefore not been subject to official controls to verify compliance with food law for these activities”.

“During the course of an inspection on August 25, there were inadequate hygiene controls over the production of minced meat and meat preparations,” the FSAI officer added.

In relation to the burgers produced by the firm, it was noted:

During the course of an inspection on August 25, it was established that burgers produced on site contain the following allergens: gluten; soya; and sulphur dioxide.

These were not declared on the product label and no associated commercial documents were available, it was added.

“I made this order being of the opinion that the activities [handling, processing, disposal, manufacturing, storage, distribution or selling of food] involve or, are likely to involve, a serious risk to public health from the said items of food for the particular reasons set out [above],” the officer said.

Last month, the FSAI also issued a closure order to Khan Spices, a retailer on North Main Street, Cork.