Despite ewe prices in factories coming back in recent weeks and prices all round for ewes coming back since the earlier highs seen this year, the mart trade for ewes, particularly heavy types, still remains in good feather.

This is the case, mart managers have been saying to Agriland due to a tight supply of heavy ewes, with more lighter types coming forward for sale in recent weeks.

Factories have also commented in recent weeks the number of lighter ewes coming through the system – and pointing this as a factor to prices coming back for ewes.

Some of these lighter ewes will be coming off of farms off the back of not being suitable to breed from as breeding on mid-season flocks is underway.

Looking at the trade for ewes, heavy types have been trading from a wide base of €130/head up to €170/head in general, with the exception of some that have sold near as high has €190/head.

Ewes selling above this price are rare but still an odd exceptionally heavy ewe is selling for over €200.

Where supplies of heavy ewes are tight at marts and there is competition for these ewes, like anything, it’s helping to create a lively trade.

Lighter cull ewes, in general, are moving at prices ranging from €80/head up to €120/head – with a good appetite seen for these ewes as well.

While thin or hill bred ewes are selling from a range of €40/head up to €60/head on average.