Map: Average EBI county-by-county

One technology, which is brought up time and time again as a way of improving efficiency, improving profitability and lowering greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, is the economic breeding index or, better known as, the EBI.

Over recent years, the average EBI figure has been consistently increasing year-on-year – gaining by an average of €10 each year.

This is positive for the industry, as research by Teagasc has illustrated that for each €10 gain in herd EBI, there is a gain of €20 in terms of additional net profit/cow/year, while also leading to a 3% reduction in carbon footprint.

But which county in Ireland has the highest EBI in the country and which county has the lowest? To find out, the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF) has supplied us with the figures.

It is important to note that these figures are the average EBI of the cows in the county (not the average of the herd EBIs; although both would be similar according to the ICBF).

Average EBI county-by-county

Looking at the EBI on a county-by-county basis, the county with the highest EBI is Co. Tipperary with an EBI figure of €119.

Following on from this county, is Co. Waterford with an EBI figure of €117. Next up is Co. Cork, Co. Kilkenny and Co. Offaly all with an EBI figure of €113.

Turning to the county with the lowest EBI figure, is Co. Dublin with an EBI figure of €61. Slightly ahead of Co. Dublin, is Co. Leitrim with an EBI of €63.