“Don’t walk by, say hi” is the simple slogan for Know Your Neighbour Weekend, which takes place this week in association with Macra na Feirme.

“As we see continuing post office and Garda station closures, we need the added security and support of our communities more than ever,” said Macra National President, Kieran O’Dowd, in advance of the event.

“Since the end of the economic boom, rural communities have been suffering from decreasing facilities and services. The impact of this can be clearly seen as our neighbours worry about their safety in their own homes. This is the time to pull together and work as a close knit community to support each other.”

Groups and individuals across the country will be encouraged to get together on the 13th and 14th July, to hold community events and build their local support network and to get people to ” Know Your Neighbour ”

Those taking part might get involved in a local coffee morning, a BBQ, a themed party or a field day.

For more information on how to take part with Know Your Neighbour go to www.knowyourneighbour.ie.

Picture courtesy of Macra na Feirme