The Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association (ICSA) is encouraging all farmers who receive a farm safety questionnaire from the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) to fill it out and return it, in the interests of generating a greater understanding of this complex issue.

ICSA’s Connaught/Ulster vice president and spokesman on farm safety, John Flynn, said: “More than 3,000 farmers will be receiving this survey in the post from the HSA and I would be strongly encouraging everyone who gets it to give it their attention.  The information gathered will be used to inform the HSA’s role in addressing the underlying issues related to dangerous situations in farming life.”

Flynn said: “Farming is of course an inherently risky occupation, with factors such as unpredictable livestock, heavy machinery, and the ageing demographic all having an influence.  However, there is a lot that we can do in terms of prevention in order to reduce the risks involved.  This survey is an opportunity for farmers to shape the approach to farm safety in the future and as such, I’m hoping it will be given serious consideration by all who are asked to participate.”

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