It has been confirmed that an incident occurred yesterday evening (Monday, November 26), at Maam Cross Mart in Co. Galway in which a mart worker was knocked by a wild cow.

Speaking to AgriLand, Brid Burke, Maam Cross Mart manager, explained that at 5:30pm yesterday evening, a farmer arrived at the mart with a trailer that “seemed unfit” for safely unloading a small number of cattle.

The trailer had no side gates for the ramp and the farmer was unloading a cow and two smaller calves from it.

It is understood that the mart worker, who was assisting with the unloading, was caught by the cow and knocked over.

“All precautions were taken,” explained Burke, adding that the ambulance was called immediately.

Lucky Escape

Luckily, the ambulance was in the local area at the time and arrived at the mart to assist the worker who had been caught by the cow.

The mart worker was released from hospital without injury later that night.

Burke added that this incident should be taken as a warning to farmers that are bringing stock to marts.

She also highlighted that it should be a word of caution for all people working alongside livestock.

“People working alongside cattle should use common sense and be sure to take all necessary health and safety precautions when handling or working around cattle,” she concluded.