The Livestock and Meat Commission for Northern Ireland (LMC) is set to launch an advertising campaign to promote Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured Lamb to customers and is working with retailers to help stimulate demand.

With a strong supply of local lamb now available this is the perfect time for consumers to try out some lamb inspired recipes which are an excellent source of essential nutrients and perfect as part of a healthy and balanced diet. LMC will launch its multi stranded advertising campaign on August 18.

The TV advertising campaign entitled ‘Lamb-The Natural Choice’ is aimed at reminding consumers to look for the Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured logo when shopping for lamb. The TV work will be complimented by media coverage on radio and also print material.

LMC’s Industry Development Manager, Colin Smith said “Our research has shown that 40% of housekeepers in Northern Ireland do not eat lamb so we aware of the challenge ahead.  The LMC lamb advertising campaign is designed to encourage consumers to choose Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured Lamb. Our beef and lamb watch research also allows us to target our campaign around retailers prepared to stock local lamb and whilst there are challenges for retailers when trying to source lamb on a year round basis we have been working with them to help boost support for the local sheep meat industry at this time.

“Farmers  are facing difficult times with recent uncertainty around prices and agricultural support we feel it important to work both at home and in export markets to try and stimulate demand for local lamb.  The aim is to encourage consumers to choose lamb by helping them realise that it is as versatile, healthy and as tasty as other competing proteins and the new campaign is the first phase of the plan.”

The NIFQA lamb campaign will be supported with over 300 cookery demonstrations in secondary schools throughout Northern Ireland from September 2014 to March 2015 which will educate young consumers about the nutritional benefits of lamb in a balanced diet and how to cook simple lamb dishes at home.  Lamb sampling sessions are also scheduled to place in key retailer stores across Northern Ireland in September which will be supported by point of sale material and will give consumers the opportunity to learn more about cooking with lamb.