Letter to the editor: ‘Those who are loudest receive attention’

I was prompted to write after reading your article on whether a left-leaning government would favour farmers.

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Issues that are important to farmers never got any significant traction during this election and the reality is that those who are loudest receive attention.

I am not a farmer – I’m a consumer; I’m a voter.

I believe in climate change and I believe Irish farmers currently produce quality products that many consumers outside of Ireland would truly appreciate.

I lived in the US for many years and always sought out grass-fed beef when I could get it and afford it. The same is true for me regarding dairy ]products] from grass-fed animals.

The health benefits of grass-fed versus factory-farmed is well known in the US and it commands high prices, unlike here. Kerrygold butter is but one example of what people are willing to pay in the US for quality.

‘When it’s gone, it’s gone’

People here take it for granted; all because no one is beating the drum loud enough. People need to be educated on their choices.

In a perfect world, everyone here would already appreciate this, but as you know this is not the case. A strong advertising campaign is needed to inform consumers because – as they say – “when it’s gone, it’s gone,” and we won’t be able to get it back.

I don’t know which farming body needs to undertake this, but currently the quality grass-fed message is not getting out. People will always pay more if they truly believe there is a good reason.

As for the carbon footprint, we all need to do what we can, but shipping beef from the rainforest is hardly a good idea from a green point of view or a health point of view.

Educate the electorate and the rest will take care of itself.

From Chris Fitzpatrick, Westport, Co. Mayo