Letter to the editor: ‘Cars, and not cows, are the culprit’

We are currently in the midst of a Covid-19 pandemic. These are unprecedented times.

Necessary precautions are being taken – like social distancing and working from home. Flights are at a minimum and events have been cancelled to limit the spread of this virus.

As a result of people staying at home around the world, global carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions have dropped – during a period when cattle numbers have remained the same.

To me, it looks like cars and the wider transport sector – not cows – are the culprit! Perhaps causes of air pollution should be looked at more carefully when this crisis is over. Maybe the ‘experts’ will look at cows differently and stop blaming us – the farmers – for creating all of the problems.

During this crisis…

In fact, we – the farmers – are lucky to have such quality produce to keep our nation healthy during this crisis. Perhaps there’s a lesson here…about the importance of not relying on other countries to provide us with food. We are fortunate to be living in a country such as this.

Being farmers, we are lucky to have the freedom to continue to farm and – to an extent – carry on as before. We are used to social distancing, but it’s important we don’t socially isolate.

We should keep in contact via telephone; we should ensure that the elderly are OK; we should help each other out. There is no strength without unity.

It is up to each and every one of us to take the Government and Health Service Executive [HSE] guidelines on board…and fight this together. Keep safe…

From Helen O’Sullivan, Co. Cork