Latest update on the Young Farmers Scheme payment

Processing of National Reserve, Young Farmers Scheme and Scottish Derogation applications is ongoing, according to the Minister for Agriculture, Simon Coveney.

He has said that in order to finalise processing under these Schemes many related issues pertaining to registration of herd numbers, land parcel identification, entitlement registration, agricultural education and off-farm income details need to be verified for applicants.

He said the Department has issued letters to applicants requesting additional documentation in relation to their applications.

The Minster said a large number of applicants have yet to respond and these cases cannot be fully processed until replies are received.

He said it is expected that approvals will issue and payments will be made after Basic Payment Scheme balancing payment in December.

The Department received some:

  • 7,000 National Reserve applications
  • 8,500 Young Farmers Scheme applications
  • 3,500 Scottish Derogation applications in 2015

Under the agreed terms of the new Farmers Charter target payment date of December 1 has been set for all applications to the Young Farmers Scheme. It also sets out that successful applicants to the scheme will be paid as one complete payment.

This differs from payments to other farmers under the Basic Payment Scheme which this year will see a 70% advance payment of their Basic Payment Scheme with effect from October 16 with balancing payments issuing from December 1.

The Young Farmers Scheme will include a mandatory top-up on direct payments in the first years of farming.

In the CAP agreement in June 2013 a provision for up to 2% of funds in pillar one for provided for a mandatory 25% top up on Single Farm Payment for new entrant young farmers under 40 years for their first five years of installation.

The Department says the measure is designed for young farmers to assist them in establishing their farm business and to address the age profile in the sector.