Large number of applicants for tractor-safety cert in Kerry

A number of tractor-safety training courses are taking place in Co. Kerry this week, in conjunction with North, East & West Kerry Development (NEWKD) and Farm Relief Services (FRS).

According to FRS, the course is aimed at “equipping learners with the skills and knowledge” to carry out daily checks on tractors and to ensure they operate to a safe standard.

Speaking to AgriLand, Martin Brosnan, from FRS Training Ltd, said the course is “about families investing in their children’s safety”.

He added that the course is aimed at teenagers aged 14-16 years.

Brosnan said the course is being “well received” in the Kerry area and that all participants who complete the course will receive a certificate in tractor safety.

The course entails one day of training and demonstrates the following correct procedures:
  • Mounting/dismounting the tractor;
  • Driving practices;
  • Tractor parking;
  • Trailer pulling;
  • Trailer tipping;
  • Consideration for other people working in the area of the tractor.

Brosnan explained that in addition to learning about tractor safety principles, course participants will also get basic first-aid training.

The course takes place today (June 26) at Castleisland Mart and will also run in the following marts: Tralee (June 27); and Dingle (July 2).

More information on the FRS tractor safety course can be found here.

Agricultural engineering

In other agri-machinery news, the Institute of Technology Tralee (IT Tralee) has formed a new partnership with universities in Italy and France to offer an international agricultural engineering degree, according to Radio Kerry.

It will run as part of an initiative to offer students the opportunity to take part in an exchange programme. IT Tralee has joined forces with the University of Burgundy in France and the University of Bologna in Italy, the local radio station explained.