It’s been another improved week of trading at sheep sales across the country, with fat and store lamb prices rising once again.

Furthermore, there appears to be more life entering the cull ewe trade with prices also lifting at some sales throughout the week, particularly for those well-fleshed types.

Speaking to mart managers, many have pointed to price increases of €2-3/head for fat lambs this week.

Competition between butcher and factory agents for finished lambs and even between farmers for those forward store lambs is leading to a very brisk live trade.

Lamb prices

Looking at the trade, lambs weighing 49kg plus, have generally been making from €140/head up to €150/head – with prices, in cases, pushing €152-154/head.

44-48kg lambs have been trading anywhere from €125-128/head up to €140/head – with some lambs selling above this level.

The store lamb trade has moved up another notch this past week, with one mart manager, in the east of the country, calling stores stronger by €3-6/head on the previous week.

Depending on the part of the country, forward stores are making up to as much as €124-128/head and falling back to €108-115/head for lambs just under the 40kg mark.

Longer keep store lambs have been making anywhere from €65/head up to €95-105/head depending on weight and breeding.

As mentioned, more life appears to be coming back into the cull ewe trade for fleshed lots. Prices of €170-180/head that were commonly seen earlier in the year for those well-fleshed types are cropping up more often of late.

Having said that, a large proportion of those fleshed ewes have been making from €125/head up to €145-155/head this past week.