Clearances of marked gas oil, or green diesel, in June 2022 were 15% lower than in June 2021, according to the Central Statistics Office (CSO), which published fuel-clearances data today (Friday, August 5).

This percentage reduction represents a drop from 116 million litres last year to 98 million litres this year.

Clearances of autodiesel were 2% lower than in June 2021 dropping from 304 million litres to 298 million litres.

Million litres
PeriodAutodieselUnleaded petrolMarked gas oilKerosene
June 20183019511016
June 20192988710139
June 2020248589243
June 20213047911628
June 2022298799828
Excise clearance volumes for selected fuels – measured in millions of litres

This volume matched that in June 2019 and was 1% lower than June 2018.

Clearances of petrol in June 2022, at 79 million litres, matched that of June 2021 and were 10% lower than June 2019.

This is a change from the long-term increasing trend for autodiesel volumes, the CSO said.

Clearances reflect the duty paid on fuel products when they arrive into the country, as opposed to when they are sold at the forecourt.

The monthly excise clearances for green diesel from the year 2000 to 2022 are included below:

Commenting on the data, statistician in the environment and climate division of the CSO, Paul McElvaney, said of the autodiesel stats:

“This is a notable change from the long-term trend of increasing autodiesel volumes from 2012-2018, possibly as a result of current higher prices.”

In relation to petrol clearances, he said the matching volume of 79 million litres this June and last June “fits with the general decreasing trend in petrol volumes over the last decade and a half”.