Joskin has added a new model to its Tornado3 muck spreader range. It claims the new model the T5511/12V proves once again its commitment to the current and future users of its products.

Joskin says it produced the new model in order to meet the demands of the market in the best way possible.

The specific characteristics of the new machine is a body of 1.13m high and 5.50 m long. Joskin said the new model is the lowest in terms of height of the TORNADO3 range, which allows for easy loading with all types of loaders.

It said with a lower body height, the company have reduced the height of the rear beater to 2m 30in. However Joskin note it has kept the same spiral diameter at Ø 219 mm tube and Ø 1010 mm spirals.

According to Joskin, the whole drive has kept all specifications of the biggest models in the Tornado3 range of Joskin muck spreaders such as: the double safety on the drive (an elastic coupling between the boxes as well as a second elastic coupling between the boxes and the beaters).

Joskin claimed this concept combines in this way the many already proven and tested qualities of the Tornado3 model with a smaller capacity (12 m³ – 14,75 m³ with 250 mm extensions) which can suit the intensive users of smaller machines. The entire Tornado3 is conceived for users who carry out intensive work with very high yields and have tractors with a minimum power of 120 HP.

The company has always highlighted the structure of the body on the Tornado3 range increases the stability of the machine on sloping ground. It also said its mounting of large-diameter wheels on the range improves traction while reducing ground compaction.

Image: Joskin