Jackie Cahill: Creed must lift slurry ban immediately

Farmers must be allowed to make the most of the unseasonably mild, dry weather we’re having at the moment to spread slurry.

That’s according to Fianna Fail TD Jackie Cahill, who has called on Michael Creed, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, to lift the seasonal ban on slurry spreading.

Under the current regulations, slurry cannot be spread during much of the winter, with the ban being lifted in the mid-January.

“The unusually mild December coupled with the mostly dry weather has made it an optimum time for farmers to spread slurry now,” according to Cahill.

He also said that he had written to the minister, asking him to lift the ban and allow farmers to spread slurry from today.

We must remember that there are still a lot of farmers who are feeling the effects of last year’s fodder crisis.

“As a result of the fodder crisis the minister did step in last year and, as an exceptional measure, farmers were allowed to spread slurry for a fortnight longer than the deadlines set out under EU rules,” added Cahill.

He called on more of the same from the minister in light of the advantageous weather conditions.

“I believe he must do the same again now and allow farmers the opportunity to boost grass growth for spring,” argued Cahill.

In 2018 we witnessed extreme weather, from unprecedented snow, to a summer long drought. If 2019 were to follow in the same vein, then our farming community would be seriously disadvantaged.

The Tipperary TD concluded by saying: “The minister must bring forward the spreading date and he must do so immediately.”