Irish veterinary practice takes on UK investment partner

An Irish veterinary practice – Troytown GreyAbbey Equine Veterinary Services – has announced that it has taken on a UK-based investment partner.

The decision was taken to enter into a partnership with CVS Group plc in order to maintain and “substantially increase and improve the range of services” that the Irish company currently offers its clients.

CVS Group plc owns over 460 veterinary surgeries throughout the UK and the Netherlands, including seven referral practices. It also operates four laboratories performing diagnostics services for the veterinary industry and seven pet crematoria.

In a statement, the veterinary practice said: “The ever-expanding range of new equipment and resources required to provide a world class equine hospital and ambulatory service is a very big challenge.

This new arrangement will secure this development going forward, but will make no difference to the ethos of how the practice is run.

“There will be the same team both in the office, hospital and on the road as before. The core ambition is still to maintain and develop patient care through excellence in Irish equine veterinary practice.

“CVS is one of the leading veterinary service providers in the UK and has demonstrated a passion and commitment to the improvement of veterinary services.”

The partnership has “immediately enabled” the practice to invest in a therapeutic laser system, a new digital radiographic system, a state-of-the-art blood analysis machine as well as the initial planning of a “brand new surgical suite”, the statement added.

Continuing, it said: “We are very excited about CVS coming on board and look forward with confidence to the future of Troytown GreyAbbey Veterinary Services.

“As a client you will see no difference in the interaction you will have either between office, clinical or nursing staff.”