The Department of Agriculture announced this afternoon that based on estimated milk deliveries by milk purchasers for the period up to 31 August 2013, Ireland is 0.36 per cent under quota when account is taken of the butterfat content of milk deliveries during the same period. (Full details here)

Speaking to AgriLand on the latest information from the department, ICMSA president John Comer acknowledged the signs are that Ireland is heading into “super levy fine territory”. 

“It is up to every individual to manage the best they can,” he cautioned. “At the start of the year the signs were that we would be under quota because of the weather conditions, but the weather eventually improved and farmers produced more, so this situation of super levy fine territory is now looking inevitable.

“We will be re-assessing the situation immediately and the ICMSA dairy committee will be examining all the options to alleviate the situation going forward,” Comer added.