Investigations continue following mine collapse in Co. Monaghan

Investigations are continuing into a case of “land subsidence” affecting Magheracloone GAA club in Co. Monaghan, according to Gyproc Ireland.

A team of specialist geological experts were deployed to the area in question yesterday (Tuesday, September 25) in order to carry out further assessments.

Initial assessments were carried out on Monday, September 24, when the gaping chasms were first discovered.

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In a statement issued yesterday, Gyproc Ireland said: “Our team of experts has conducted a thorough examination across the 2km² zone of the area above our underground mine at Drumgossatt.

“This assessment has confirmed that the area of subsidence is confined to a radius of 120m only. Crucially, the examination has also shown that the area impacted has not increased in size since the initial discovery of the subsidence on Monday morning.

There are two ground holes at the edge of this area and these are part of the ongoing settlement process within the area of subsidence.

“Two roads within the 2km² zone have also been assessed and, encouragingly, initial results point towards no movement of these roads – however, further analysis will need to be conducted in the days ahead to confirm this initial assessment.”

It added that five properties located at the perimeter of the 2km² zone are still being assessed to determine if there is any risk arising from the subsidence.

The land subsidence has affected Magheracloone GAA club, while two crown holes – measuring approximately 8m wide – have developed on neighbouring farmland.

Monitoring and measurement of ground conditions will continue over the coming days, according to Monaghan County Council.