The Independent Farmers of Ireland (IFI) have noted that a solution to the beef dispute has been proposed – but claim that “they neither accept nor reject these proposals”.

Following marathon talks lasting almost a day and a half, the IFI noted that a four-page document was produced, containing “crucial information and needs to be studied carefully”.

The farmer group rejected claims that all parties had signed off on the agreement, however, seeking to clarify this by outlining in a statement:

“It states clearly in the final line of the document that the agreement only comes into effect when pickets are stood down from all affected factories.

The elected spokespeople of the IFI have clearly stated that they can neither accept nor reject these proposals. This decision has to be taken by all the peaceful protesters at the factory gates.

“Meetings are to take place to achieve a consensus and to determine what course of action shall be pursued. Once a conclusion is reached it will be communicated to all relevant parties.”

It is understood that the representatives will recommend the agreement to protesting farmers.

The group statement added that the three elected spokespeople “have the approval to negotiate but not the power to make the final decision as this is a democratic movement”.