‘Incentives rather than tax’ needed to deliver change

An incentivised approach, rather than a tax increase, is the method that should be pursued by the Government to deliver on climate change objectives.

That’s the view of the Oireachtas Agriculture Committee, which published a climate change report today (Thursday, July 12).

The report includes proposals regarding farm-scale renewables and supports for improving on-farm efficiencies.

It has been welcomed by the Irish Farmers’ Association’s Environmental Committee chairman Thomas Cooney.

Cooney agrees with the committee’s view that an incentivised approach to delivering climate objectives should be pursued.

He explained: “This report, along with the climate abatement report recently published by Teagasc, has identified the necessary actions needed to be taken.

“It is now time for Government action.”

Earlier this year, the IFA addressed the Oireachtas Agriculture Committee and had a number of key climate proposals, including:
  • The announcement of a biomass development programme, which would displace electricity generated from peat and coal;
  • The re-opening of the Green Low Carbon Agri-Environment Scheme (GLAS);
  •  The scaling up of on-farm emission reduction programmes identified in the National Mitigation Plan;
  • A full review of the new forestry programme and a commitment to remove barriers, as planting is down 14% year-on-year.

Cooney concluded by saying: “It’s good to see some of these proposals contained in the committee’s report. However, the committee must now move to the development of a time-bound implementation plan.

“These measures will make a positive difference on farm sustainability in Ireland.”