The Irish Farm Film Producers Group Ltd (IFFPG) operates 235 Bring Centres annually, as well as providing a farmyard plastic collection service. To date, collections have been completed at 171 Bring Centres.

Approximately 20,000t of silage plastic has been gathered by the IFFPG so far this year – the majority of which has been silage wrap and sheeting.

This is an 8% increase on 2017 levels, which puts the IFFPG on course for a record year and the company are predicting a total of 29,000t when all Bring Centres have been completed.

The IFFPG wants to thank and congratulate farmers on this stunning statistic.

Silage wrap and sheeting can be delivered loose to the Bring Centres at a cost of €15 per half tonne; but an IFFPG Label Code Number is required to prove you purchased the levied plastic.

The interactive map is available on the AgriLand website. The map provides farmers with the locations, times and items that can be recycled in IFFPG Bring Centres throughout the Republic of Ireland. Click here to launch the interactive map

Netting and twine

Since October 2017, the recycling levy has been applied to netting and twine as a result of an amendment to the legislation, which has allowed the IFFPG to dramatically reduce recycling costs to the farmer.

As a result, netting collection per bag has increased by an amazing 92% on 2017 levels. Again, the IFFPG want to congratulate farmers on this achievement.

Bale netting and twine can be recycled at a cost of €5 per half-tonne fertiliser/feed bag; this is a 66% reduction on 2017 prices.

Netting and twine can be brought to bring centres in bulk bags; the liners must be removed.

Other plastic Items

Other items can be recycled through the IFFPG’s sister company, Farm Plastics Recycling (FPR).

Triple-rinsed chemical drums, half-tonne fertiliser/feed bags (liners removed) and small fertiliser/feed bags (liners from fertiliser bags and covers off fertiliser pallets can also be included) can be recycled for €10 per half-tonne fertiliser/feed bag – a 33% reduction in price on 2017 levels.

Since these price reductions have been implemented in 2018, FPR have collected just shy of 10% more fertilizer/meal bags and chemical drums this year.

More information

For anyone who missed a Bring Centre and wants to avail of a collection from their farmyard, please contact: 1890 300444 or email: [email protected]

For more information on the Irish Farm Film Producer’s Group, just click here