Independent TD Michael Lowry is hopeful that the World Ploughing Championships will be hosted by Tipperary in 2021, according to local reports.

Speaking to local radio station Tipp FM on the matter, the Tipperary TD said that two sites from the “Premier County” have been put forward for selection to the organisers.

Deputy Lowry said: “I’d be hopeful that we can make further progress and that, when it comes to the final selection process, that one or both of those sites will be in the final shakeup.”

The TD added that approximately 1,000ac of land would be needed for the site, with ease of access key to any decision.

There’s a huge spin-off to it, in terms of the amount of people that would visit, so effectively what you would need is 200ac of grassland, 200ac of stubble land, 150ac for the 2,000 exhibitors and 400ac for parking.

“We’ve identified two suitable sites in Tipperary; they’re in the process of doing an assessment and evaluation of them.

“The work will get underway in earnest as soon as the national championships are over in September,” deputy Lowry said.

According to Tipp FM, one of the sites being considered for the ploughing is thought to be the Two Mile Borris site deputy Lowry has earmarked for an ambitious casino and leisure complex, located close to the M8; the other is believed to be in the south of the county.