Irish country music star, Marty Mone, took his commitment to his art a step too far this week, after a stunt for his new music video landed him in a hospital bed.

The Monaghan man – best known for his machinery anthem ‘Hit the Diff’ – posted a picture of his arm in a sling on Facebook and told fans he had been involved in an accident while filming.

Speaking to AgriLand, Mone’s manager Alison Cluskey said he had been filming stunts on a quad bike alone at the time of the accident.

She added that he was “doing well” in his recovery; but said that the impact of the accident had fractured Mone’s shoulder and left him concussed.

Saved by his helmet

Cluskey said that Mone could not remember much of the day; but added that his helmet had protected him from further injuries.

I think it has left him quite shocked. Marty would be skilled with all types of machinery and a regular quad rider.

“He can’t remember anything about how it happened. It was only that he had a GoPro set-up, and that he was filming, that we are able to know,” she said.

“It was his last stunt of the day; he was just about to finish, so it has definitely taken him by surprise.”

It’s believed Mone had been lying unconscious for several hours before he was found. He was taken to hospital by ambulance.

Hitting the stage

But fans need not worry about missing their favourite crooner for this weekend’s gigs.

Mone still plans on performing in Co. Laois on Sunday at the Ballyroan Music Festival and at Cowboys and Heroes in Co. Leitrim next Monday (June 4) and Tuesday (June 5).

Posting about the incident on social media, Mone joked that perhaps it is time he hired a stuntman.