The Status Yellow weather warning for high temperatures which has been in place all week has been extended by Met Eireann.

Initially, the warning was set to expire later tonight (Friday, June 29). However, the decision was taken to extend the warning until 10:00pm tomorrow.

The warning was issued at the beginning of the week, with temperatures regularly exceeding 30º over the past few days.

Temperatures in excess of 27º are forecast tomorrow, mainly in Connacht, Munster and parts of south Leinster.


Conditions are set to be dry tonight, with lows of 13º to 17º. Some shallow fog patches may develop around dawn.

Temperatures are expected to range from 22º to 28º tomorrow, with further spells of hazy sunshine. There will be a chance of some showers developing over the north-west of the country later in the day.

Tomorrow night is forecast to be dry with high cloud and light winds, as temperatures bottom out around 15º.

Meanwhile, conditions on Sunday will be mostly dry with sunny spells or hazy sunshine. Showers are likely to affect western and southern areas, and later there’s a signal for heavy showers to come up from the south to affect Munster, according to Met Eireann.

Highest afternoon temperatures are expected to be between 22º and 26º in the east and south, and up to 28º inland elsewhere, it added.

Currently, uncertainty lingers over Monday. While there’s a signal for isolated showers and some cloudy periods, overall it will be warm with hazy sunshine once again, the Irish meteorological office added.