The next session of the Food Harvest 2020 group will focus solely on the fodder crisis and the outlook for the remainder of the year, where the Interagency Fodder Committee is set to report on the actions and progress to date.

“The committee is not only monitoring the fodder situation but is also co-ordinating actions over the coming months to ensure there is sufficient fodder conserved for next winter,” assured Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney this afternoon. 

The session  is set to examine the ongoing strategic approach to fodder production and conservation in the dairy and meat sectors.

“The firm focus now shifts to growing and conserving fodder for next winter’s needs.  The recent adjustments to the Nitrates regulations will support this focus and in particular help towards the conservation of additional fodder later into the autumn,” the minister added. 

More than 2,800 loads of imported fodder, 40,000 tons approximately, has been imported into Ireland over the past weeks.

“Given the volume of imports that we have supported under the scheme, it is clear that the interagency committee has played a very important part in assisting farmers cope with the recent period of poor growth.”

The Minister also praised the numerous co-ops, marts and merchants that managed the importation and distribution, farm organisations for their efforts and the significant effort by farmers themselves who helped and assisted their neighbours.

 Image Shuttlestock